You may say imma Dreamer.

(forgive me for being melancholic rad)

There are certain things. that a certain guy wouldn’t do for a certain reason and for a certain time.

Appearing in a dream? that’s just so nasty like a dog tryna chase his own tail circling around.

who says a person whos in your dream in everyday in everyway wouldnt miss you? well this is just what my mom says.
“a person will always be in your dreams if that person just often thinks of you as more as wanting to see you”
weird isn’t’ it? hmmmn. well i do believe mom. i wanna believe it. i just couldn’t let myself be silly again and start being crazy all over from the very start.

im being a jerk here.

the point is. i have this CERTAIN PERSON, living in my dreams for a long time.

p.s: i just wish he’d stay there. that way he wouldnt hurt me like he did from the very first time i saw him to the very last. and in my dreams. i can always see his googie face, making gogoo sounds and gooogoo expressions. i just couldnt help myself laugh out loud. HAHAHA!



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