body pain.



yes iam! i woke up with a body pain but stil manage to savor the thoughts and moments last night when WE; ME, Odette, Salima, Pauline, Ate abby, and his whole fam. with the kids. went to Echanted Kingdom to have fun on a rainy day yesterday, hahahaha! still had fun with david foolin and running around. i miss them all now. Abelardo family is my 2nd home 😦 i miss phoebe more. good thing she called last night to check us out, hahaha. pau flew back here last thursday so she set up a saturday hangout with her fam. and she called us put to join them. well less phoebe and tita bessie nga lang 😦

still FUN FUN FUN! heheh 😀 still not done uplaoding the photos.
next week were off to Happy Lemon to have a coffee/tea date with pau. 😀
cant wait for it.


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