Mangan Dinner.

my bigbro’s treat. hahaha thanks bogbro. went to mangan with my twin sis, mom, and bigbro. too bad ate lui wasnt around nd krystal.

this is my mom. hahaha seating comfy and freezing out that time. i remember how cold the room temperature was. hahahaha! :)) sorry stolen.

bigbro and odette. hahaha they’re more alike compare to me. “para akong adopted na pinulot eh” though i have a twin sister hahaha!

Their famous Kare-kare. bigtime! we love earing kare-kare from mangan. because their famous of it. ahhaha! :)) i remember my mom sayiing “eto na ata pinaka masarap na kare-kare meal ive ever tasted” woaah. that gives them credit more. 😀

my second fav food at Mangan. the “adobong pusit” this is what makes filipino cuisine more splendid and different! hahahaha ever since my mom cooked one when i was like 7, i started craving for it more and more! :]

this is one? i forget whats its called but iam pretty sure. this one is pretty amazing too!

this is what i love about mangan, their famous “bagoong rice” well besides Kare-kare of course this is one thing that they should brag aout. because once you’ve taste their bagoong rice. you’ll surely forget ur name bigtime! 😀

went for a walk after, got some takeouts hehehe.

we went home after taking out more munchie foods for our dvd marathon in which in that moment – were already waiting for us back home hahaha!


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