Don’t talk too much.
Always do my paperhomies
Balance time
Learn to say NO
Maintain a healthy living
Don’t spend too much money! •
Always calm down – don’t be rude
STUDY first
Don’t be arrogant
Don’t judge anyone anything at all.
Smile often
Don’t eat junk foods nd sweets (bad for me)
Learn to appreciate and value things that you own •
Don’t want something that is not necessarily needed.
Learn to say Thank You, Sorry, Pardon me, Excuse me and Opo. •
Don’t patronize surfing, fashion, money, and gadgets.
Value every people around you.
Always attend sunday masses and choir service.
Email/text phoebe, Dad & big sis tina. Once a week.
•Be Generous and nice to every people no matter what they are or who they are.•
forgive all the time but not too much.
Keep working and striving hard! x3
Lessen your addiction to coffee
Keep a low profile
Think first before you act or speak.

Everybody’s not perfect.
Thank god everyday for your blessings.
Keep your feet on the ground.

    Just be APRIL.



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