DRAFT: Made this 4 years ago.


“April! This is not what you think it is! Lemme explain!”  Entering a half-opened door of the student office I saw Justin.

(GREAT! I saw these two lovey-dovey assholes kissing each other like they were sucker for a desperate thirst!)


I blinked my eyes. Twice. Suddenly out of nowhere, a hand was seen in the air then went straight into his face. A hard pluck sound was heard. It was mine. Silence filled the room.


A slammed door made its history right after I walked out of the office.

WAAAAIT!!! ——- Before anything else? Let me tell you how it all started.




7:00 am


Yawning as loud as possible. I twisted my bones and reached for the door. “Good morning world!” I puff my eyes (Which couldn’t open itself) as I was stepping my clumsy feet down the stairs. (Yawning) I went straight for the nearest seen soft furniture so I could lie myself up, But unfortunately the only nearest and softest furniture downstairs was this woodblock chairs tinted with heavy brown Color and well varnished not to mention the handmade laces placed equally on the chairs feet. Nice! Have you ever experienced having this waking-up disorders? It always happens when im about to wake up after a long dream of Fantasies and illusions. It kinda made me lazy to stand up but to do so, I always aim to have my rest back like im a koala or whatever the sleepiest mini creature living. I always felt sleepy like im the most batugan person in the world to have the lamest bones tucked in my body. Well I don’t believe it ever existed. As I lay myself to those woodblocks of chairs, I tried to double-check the wall clock to make sure im not late. And guess what?  I WAS


8:30 am


“Stored value pls?” I gave my fare to this pale young lady inside the counter of Gil puyat’s lrt station. She responds with a smile as if telling me “I have a wonderful breakfast this morning!” YEAH RIGHT! I grinned hastily to give her the idea that mine was more of drastic. Perfect timing it is as I heard the train coming. I was rushing through the crowd far from the female area which I regretted in the end. Seeing the first half train where not that fully crowded. But then again Im stuck with this psycho’s desperately bumping everyone like hell just to get inside.  But, I couldn’t hop myself in. (Ding-Ding) the trains boarding and I almost want to cry being pushed away by this bastards (Ding-Ding). “That’s it! I gave up!”  Big sighs were coming out my mouth. “Ya’ll go first for now! Ggrrrrr” With such pissed I grumble.


Suddenly, my hand was pulled inside by someone I couldn’t clearly see. But im pretty sure he’s a tall – slim guy that wears a red cap on a manic Monday. (DING! door closed)


“Whew! That was close!” I guess I can easily breathe now. The train was too crowded and I couldn’t move an arm.  I was gonna reach for the hand grills but I can’t move two feet without pushing these fella’s. So I restrain myself from moving.


(DING! – DING!) The door automatically opens.  Few passengers bumped their ways inside and outside trying to fit their bodies in. Like a gigantic piece of puzzle that were about to collapse for not having the same meant size on its own. Still they keep on pushing themselves as if their going to be left out. “Now, I can really breathe much better!” I frowned. (DING!)The door was shut closed. I saw mere reflection on the door. I tried Fixing my hair, my shirt and…  “Shoot!”The tall – slim guy was right at the very back staring at me with his arm hanging on the top grills and his straight body were posturing and giving me an impression of a real dude besides the fact that he has this ironic creepy stare right through me although I couldn’t clearly see his face with his red cap merely lowered on purpose. I turned my head down.


“Your hair wasn’t that bad.” There was a voice coming at the back. I tried to look closely at the door to see some reflection. I bite my lip. (OH god it’s him!)


(Ding!) As soon as the door opens. I rushed myself to the stairs trying really, really! Hard not to look back. “Shit! What was I thinking? Fixing myself in a public place! Arrgh!” I grumbled. I started to think that he would count me as a vain person whose always self conscious brat. I talked to the air and begun acting like a lunatic person.


9:12 am


“Abad-Santos?!” I heard my professor shouting our family names for the attendance, I was nearly there walking towards the co-pilot room. But I can hear his voice clearly in my ears. I discovered having this clear hearing sense back when I was in 4rth grade. I call it SUPER HEARING. I always dreamt to be a superhero, Make sense. “Present sir!”  Someone shouts. I started to run. “Adrales!” my prof. once again shouted. (Run April! run!) “Adrales?!” He repeated, but this time his voice sounded more somatic like he knew I was running from the hallway of a late-loser-madness corridor, I clutched the doorknob and shouted “PRESENT SIR!” in full of sweat and grasping the need of air. “Are you alright Ms. Adrales?” he asked raising an eyebrow. I’m catching my breathe slowly, I just gave a nod. Then he pointed my chair and gestures to seat down. This is nice. Sooo nice. I couldn’t imagine myself running around the co-pilot area wearing my golden ballet shoes my mom gave me. Bet she’s going to freak out when I get home. [Reminder: don’t go home early] She keeps on reminding me not to wear any of her luxury shoes for an adventure day of mine. Well she sorta knew I was always late so she figures out im kinda running for my whole life at school. My seatmate Henry, escorted me with his eyes as I went for my chair, “pretty much of a racer ahuh?” he whispered. I just winked.




(Tick-tack! tick-tack!) My wrist watch were ticking and I still have 2 classes to fire up. Can’t wait till dismissal to have coffee with my twin sister (Odette) — Ooops! Yeah I have a twin sister. She’s more like the real thing for others, having these long shiny legs, much baby face look, naïve expressions, slim coke bottled figure while mine was coke in-can.I send my “Gonna be there @ 3pm sharp, I’ll see ya later holla!” message to her before I sat on a bench right next to this tall tree with full of branches enough to shed me, There goes my lonesome moment. I sucked an ipod in my ears and clicked the shuffle-songs option.


Now playing: LIVING BELL – john hegner


THERE. I started reading my Davis Sedaris book ‘dress your family….’ Then suddenly my stomach starts to grumble. (I know! im hungry) I rushed to the cafe and treat myself a large cappuccino and a whipped cream waffle (perfect match!). I started to ignore the world. “OH SORRY!” I heard a voice. (Earphone off) “What was that again?” with much of annoyance I asked. “Uhm. I’m sorry, I bumped you?” this guy started repapering. Without even looking I gave him my ‘no-its-okay-Im-fine’ hand gesture. Then discreetly went back to my world — Uhh bench rather.




1 new message from sister Odette.


Odette: Hey ape! Wer r u? Till watym is Ur class?


A: Uhhm. Bout 3pm later.


O: grggrrr cnt w8 that long i’l jst go hav some pasta then w8 4 ya @ d blue wave later. Okies?


A: got it! See ya! @ The coffee shop ta! ta!




1 new message from Kevin.


Kevin: APES! Wer u?


A: sumwer really really far from u!


K: ok. Then lemme know wers that faraway land?!


A: this place is my secret, im afraid I wnt tell any1 bout this lil paradise of mine. Sorry.


K: April Adrales! If u dnt tell me ryt now wer exactly u r! Im gonna confess to Ms. Stupid nd tell her Ur d one hu stole her magic tech-pen!






“Good afternoon sunshine!” Kevin greeted me with much full of energy as he jumped of the table in front of me. He was wearing a light blue polo shirt matching his almost black tinted pants up and his blue-green chucks. “Uh? Afternoon.” Mine was more like a Halloween tricked or treat greeting. “Hmmmn. I see, you stayed up late last night and probably doing some unnecessary things and forgot to notice that the sun were right in front of your face reminding you to wake your lousy body off the bed. Plus! Not having a breakfast this morning because you knew that your class couldn’t wait for lazy lass like you. Right? He protested putting his one hand to his waist and the other was on his chin. “Nice try kebab!” I high-fived to that. 

—————————–TO BE CONTINUE.

Until now i still haven’t finish this journal yet.

P.S: my passion in writing is not impassive anymore. Wish i could have the time.


One thought on “DRAFT: Made this 4 years ago.

  1. I can’t believe i spend my morning reading this instead of having my breakfast first…
    Way to go with the slap! A punch would’ve been better. Hahaha with the Slim coke thingy and the Coke-in-a-can!… not true by the way, she’s not the “real thing” for others hahaha…

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