When uan met sally

A  cafe at maginhawa street. 

  First timers should try their vodka sphagetti and frozen homemade iced tea. 👌🏻
The cafe has a vintage style that soothes to anyones liking..


Krazy garlic!

First time to try Krazy garlic Restaurant.  

(@ Greenbelt 5 makati  with my friend rachel and my man yoshi)

Actually ordered a lot of food but unfortunately forgot to take some pictures because I’m dead hungry back then. If i may say.. Their gralic rice is delicious and also the beef con salsa meal. 😍 

Will def. go back and try other dishes. 

Rating: 3/5

Cupcakes. Cupcakes. Cupcakes!

The top three major players in the cupcake industry are:

  1. Sonja’s cupcakes
  2. Vanilla cupcakes
  3. Sophies’s mom cupcakes

But when it comes to Red Velvet Cupcakes I truly love Sophie’s. 

The cream cheese is awesome and the red velvet flavor is extremely satisfying. With an additinal choco chips inside I strongly recommend Sophie’s mom cupcakes. 

“Cupcakes? I’ll pass.. – NO WOMAN EVER”


I love conti’s restaurant in fact I almost tried all of their branches in metro manila..

But I am truly disappointed at the BGC branch. They have a poor service which totally sucks.. I waited 1hr for them to get us a table and another 2 hours waiting time for the food to arrive. 

Though I still love conti’s but the BGC branch is really disappointing. 

More power..

Milo bowl cake

Easy to make milo bowl cake. 😘☺️👍🏼


Flour (4tbsp)

Milo powder (4tbsp)

Butter / oil (4tbsp)

Milk ( 4tbsp)

Egg (1)

Sugar (3tbsp)

Vanilla icecream (2 scoops)



Put all ingredients in a medium size bowl and stir.

Place it in the microwave for 4 mins

Put the ice cream on top.

Enjoy! 😝

Moms and tina’s cafe

I went here with my honeybee and a friend. 


 Rating: 3/5

Tried their sundried tomato pesto and oreo cheesecake for desserts.

Kinda okay for someone who’s after pastries and not main dishes. 😏

Ha ha!